Spread the word about whale watching in Iceland!

  • Tell your friends and family about your whale watching adventure in Iceland. Whales are worth more alive than dead and whale watching is one of the keys to fight whaling in Iceland.
  • Write reviews about your whale watching experience on online forums. Please take into consideration aspects that concern responsible whale watching operations, e.g. whether the operator followed a code of conduct, the quality of guidance and education on board and whether they facilitate or support research on board.

While whale watching in Iceland

  • Choose a responsible whale watching operator.
  • Do not feed the animals or throw garbage in the water.

Dining at restaurants in Iceland

  • Choose a Whale Friendly restaurant and let the waiter, chef or restaurant owner know you’re happy that this is a Whale Friendly restaurant.
  • If you come across a restaurant that serves whale meat, respectfully indicate your concern and either leave to find a Whale Friendly restaurant or simply don’t order whale meat. Every bite count so please don’t be tempted to try it.
  • Please do contact us when you come across restaurants that still serve whale meat.
  • Make a habit of sharing your concerns about whale meat consumption with locals and tourists you come across at bars and restaurants and/or when you’re taking trips/excursions