of Icelanders never buy whale meat
or more of minke whale is trashed after killing
it can take for a whale to be killed after it is shot with an explosive harpoon
of minke whale is killed next to the whale watching area in Reykjavik


Icewhale – The Icelandic Association of Whale Watchers and IFAW – The International Fund for Animal Welfare, have cooperated closely for several years. The aim is to inform and educate Icelanders and tourists about a few facts regarding whale meat consumption in Iceland and have their support to end commercial whaling instead of contributing to it by tasting it in restaurants. Read about the campaign. If you have any questions or comments regarding these listings, or would like to add, one don’t hesitate to drop us a line to info@icewhale.is

Please do not eat whale meat during your stay in Iceland, as it encourages the hunting of whales. Most Icelanders never eat whale meat, why should you?

Whappy the Whale Friendly App is also a great new alternative to discover the whale friendly tourism in Iceland. It’s available and free to download.